Biography of Aiden Riley

My name is Aiden Riley. I have a beard and usually wear sweatpants, even in the summer. I live in Los Angeles, California. When I'm not shooting pornography, which is 3 1/2 weeks out of the month, I like to eat food and play video games. I'm missing a tooth and I have high hopes that I will be the first human being in history to grow a second adult tooth. I cut my own hair because it's not worth going to that super fantastic hair cutting place for $10 every month. I had a sinus infection for 2 years and beat it without the use of antibiotics. I also suffer immensely from an allergic reaction to pollen. I do not drink enough water, according to the people who dictate how much water you should be drinking. I do not trust my government, but I do abide by the laws they have set forth for me. I enjoy using the word 'horny' to describe everything. I have no friends.

On my birthday... - It was a day to celebrate and a day to remember.

As of today, I'm about 40 years old. If that number is larger than 125, then I'm probably dead and that's weird this website is still running. I was born in Melrose Massachusetts very early in the morning. I don't know how long I lived there, I just remember growing up at 25 Bradford St. in Westford, Massachusetts. I attended Westford Academy high school until 12th grade where I was held back at the end of my senior year for a failing grade in English every year since 9th grade. Did you just notice how perfectly I executed that run-on sentence? While the school administration expected me to repeat the year, I had different plans. Ever since I could first type a one-liner on my dad's Tandy Color Computer, I never spent a day away from staring at a computer screen for more than half of my waking hours. Most of the time was spent learning anything and everything I could about the INTERNET and the rest of the time... no, not pornography. MASTURBATING! Everything I know today was from being self-taught, except how to please a lady, I learned that from Cinemax. As a rebellious young adult, I worked at various jobs in my shit hole home town doing various things, sometimes including computer related work until I moved to Sunny, Southern California in 1996 (Just two short years after the great Northridge earthquake!). I "worked" in the school of Biological Sciences at UC Irvine for a year until getting fired from NOT sleeping with the boss’s daughter, then moved onto an advertising agency called 9dots and finally Evil Angel in 1999. So seamless how I went from my birth to just right before I met Belladonna.

But how did I land that cush job? - All work and no play makes Aiden... blue collar.

I got fed up being taken advantage of in the corporate world, like everyone else. I actually did something about it though. A co-worker found a job listing online for an adult webmaster and I thought, "Hey, I like porn, I could get behind that, literally." I sent my resume over and was called the same day. I went to Evil Angel the next day and pulled some butt screen captures on the owner, John Stagliano liked my vision. I headed their internet department until 2003 where I met up with Belladonna. Things moved quite fast, and within a month of us meeting, we were married, she was pregnant and we were running Belladonna Entertainment together. From 2003 until 2011, Belladonna and I co-created our movies. She was the director and performer, but the story ideas were a collaboration of us both. I was both the technical person behind the scenes as well as the art director. I’ve been the exclusive cameraman for Belladonna entertainment since 2003 as well as the editor. When Belladonna retired, I continued creating titles based on ideas that we came up with together and continuing our series’. I started coming up with my own titles starting with Snail Trails and the rest is history.

Aiden on being Aiden... - On the outside looking in.

I shoot, direct, produce and everything that is required to make pornography for Belladonna Entertainment. While Belladonna is retired, I have taken over the reins for this wild horse and I'm doing my best to keep bringing you guys sloppy porn that you can pull your pud and flick your clits at. Enjoy my perversions because they're just going to get more perverse...

At look at the future... - If you're always looking back, you might fall in a hole.

Um, what is in store for Aiden Riley and Belladonna Entertainment? I guess I keep shooting porn until I find something better to do? LONG LIVE BELLADONNA ENTERTAINMENT!!!

Fame vs. Fortune - Worker smarter, not harder.

Contrary to popular belief, I am neither famous, or fortunate. I am, however, rich. That means I have so much money I can wipe my ass with it when I shit. I don't typically partake in that particular festivity on a day to day basis though. I usually like to spend my money on all of the enormous bills I have incurred over the years of working in adult entertainment. Now when I want to go see a new Hollywood movie that just came out, I can't because I have to buy new tires for my race car.

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